What happens when family life meets the supernatural. Can ideas like love and normalcy really exist when you are a creature of the night? Join vampire Rosea Black as she seeks to find out and gets caught between the life she wants and the vampire society she was born into. Life isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows, but it isn’t always shrouded in darkness either. Welcome to a tale of the light, the dark, and the Family Black.


“Things just got real! This story is like a cross between Snow White and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” – Rendora



Welcome to the blog for The Family Black. As you can likely guess either by the manner in which you found this blog or by the giant picture up top this is a sims related blog. More specifically it is a sims story focused blog featuring a vampiric/semi-vampiric family aka The Blacks (yes I know such a highly original name).

On top of this the storyline aims to be a Vampiric family life drama, so fair warning there will be some dark moments, possibly some really dark moments, mixed in with lighter moments. I will try to keep the morosity under control and shall do my best to avoid any overt amount of brooding but those bits will exist and there will be some moments of some mature content (mature as in tone not so much as in swearing or nudity).

So if any of that has peaked your interest then you can find the chapters, character bios, and any other potential miscellaneous links above. If you aren’t interested you can still find that stuff above anyway if your feeling particularly masochistic or something.

And with that I once again wish you welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit and the everlasting hospitality of the Family Black.



Content Warning
Like I mentioned above, this is a vampire story and while I am blending it with family drama it will have some content that may not be considered by some to be safe for children and which some may not care for. I would personally term it as PG-13 level but as opinions can vary I figured I would offer a warning none the less. This will include: violence, mature themes, suggestive content. There will NOT be nudity or heavy swearing. There may on occasion be light swearing using minor curse words but nothing that should be overly problematic for those already accepting of the previously mentioned content. Primarily these would be words like hell and damn.